Frequently Asked Questions

How does Supra work?

We receive payment in the local currency of the country of origin and manage delivery in the local currency of the destination country or in the currency designated by the beneficiary. This ensures a quick and effective transaction.

How do I create an account for my company?

In 3 simple steps, you can learn how your international payments will change:

  • On our website, look for the option: "Create an account."
  • Fill out the 100% digital form.
  • Upload your documentation.

That's how easy it is to start using Supra.

How do I make the payment for my transfer
through Supra?

To make the payment for your importation, we will enable a PSE link through which you can debit funds from your bank account. This way, you will execute the purchase of the currencies, and after that, you designate the destination account, and you're ready to go.

What hours can I execute transfers?

Forget about bank hours starting at 9:00 am. Our platform is 24/7 for any transfer with customers.

Can I pay for imports, exports, and services with Supra?

Absolutely! You can make and receive payments related to imports, exports, and international service payments.

What documents do I need?
  • Certificate of existence and Legal Representation.
  • Tax ID.
  • Bank statements.
  • Financial statements.

Identification document of the legal representative.

*This requirement may vary for each particular case.


How long does it take to open the account?

Once the registration form is completed, we will activate your account in less than 12 business hours so you can enjoy all our benefits and carry out your international transfers.

From where and to where can I execute my international payments?

Initially, you can make payments from Colombia to any country in the world where your suppliers are located: United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, among others. Additionally, you can receive payments directly from any of these countries to Colombia.Además, podrás recibir pagos directamente desde cualquiera de estos países hacia Colombia

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